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Below is the December Macworld Cover planned for December 2011 issue. Enough said. Books related to technology and this post may be found in The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore. Essays by Dr. Birzer may be...
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St. Josemaria For Catholics, the iPad just became a bit holier. No, Steve Jobs said nothing new about hating pornography (go, Steve, go!) and loving his children. Yesterday, Jorge...
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Readers of The Imaginative Conservative might be interested in a few pieces floating around the internet this morning. Jim Otteson offers—rather naturally—an excellent critique of the new college rankings as decreed by Forbes. His article can be found...
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Forgive the scattershot tendencies and directions of this post. Just lots of short items written quickly from my hotel room in downtown Portland, just blocks from Powells (which I’ve yet to visit). A few book recommendations