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Thomas Ascik

Thomas Ascik
Thomas Ascik is an attorney in North Carolina.
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In the potentially momentous case considering the issue of “political gerrymandering,” the Supreme Court last week spent almost no time discussing and demanding that the litigating parties address the language of the Constitution. In Gill v. Whitford,...
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In favor of Trinity Lutheran, the Supreme Court ruled that a government program cannot require a church “to renounce its religious character in order to participate in an otherwise generally available public benefit program for which it is fully qualified..."
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Even those critics friendly to Rod Dreher's Benedict Option have failed to take its implications seriously, likely because they are afraid to take the concrete steps he suggests to preserve their Christian way of life in this country...
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With the grave worry of many Christians about living in a culture that seems to be antagonistic to Christianity itself, we ought to consider the radical alternative of intentional communities... In these days of the rise of...
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Recent books by Anthony Esolen, R.R. Reno and Bishop Charles Chaput comprise a compendium of trenchant social and cultural criticism. But do any of these authors provide a workable solution to the de-Christianization of America?... In
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The United States Civil Rights Commission has proclaimed that religion is an impediment to civil rights and has prepared a constitutional briefing designed to defeat religion’s “discriminatory” and “intolerant” status in society... In its recent report, deceptively...