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Nalin Ranasinghe

Nalin Ranasinghe
Nalin Ranasinghe is Professor of Philosophy at Assumption College. He earned his Ph.D from Pennsylvania State University and has written two books: Socrates and the Gods: How to Read Plato’s Euthyphro, Apology and Crito and Socrates in the Underworld: On Plato’s Gorgias.
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Modern higher education tacitly accepts that any values pertaining to the intangible aspects of our experience, such as the humble appreciation of beauty or a passion for justice, are not real on account of being non-quantifiable; Socratic ignorance or wonder at life’s mysteries are lost, as are...
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"One Being, the only truly wise, does not and does agree to be called Zeus." - Heraclitus This reading of the Euthyphro will grapple with the accusations of impiety leveled against...