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Jason Baxter

Jason Baxter
Jason Baxter is the Chairman of the Humanities track at Wyoming Catholic College. Dr. Baxter holds a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Notre Dame. His research concerns the Platonic and Medieval traditions, as well as medieval aesthetics.
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The humanities can fill us with a kind of reverent admiration for a place in its particularity, and fill us with a delight that such a thing exists, untouched, un-owned by us. It can help us open our grasping hands and let beauty be, whether or not...
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There seems to be very little cultural space for humanistic studies. It is difficult to perceive how literature, philosophy, or theology could contribute to technological capitalism... I would like you to imagine the following situation:...
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At the end of each semester, I inevitably have one or two well-meaning students who are still unsure why they were asked to devote so much time and care to reading, annotating, and discussing archaic Greek literature. They...