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Jacob Balde

Jacob Balde
Jacob Balde (1604-1668) was a German Jesuit priest and one of the great Neo-Latin poets. After completing his theological studies at Ingolstadt, where he was ordained priest in 1633, he was appointed Professor of Eloquence at the university.
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The Author's outcry against Octavianus Caesar Augustus as he contemplated Schleissen's marble effigy of Marcus Tullius Cicero. Extemporaneous poem. He was an ingrate, more a barbarian, Marcus, then even the lictor, when he left you beneath some lictor's ignominious blow. Octavianus was almost more...
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To Andreas Alcimus. How Germany is perishing by its own greed. That's how things are; men die, expensively. They seek out lethal danger, with much war and worrying, and their pay consists of pain and loss. We are the fosterers, patrons of our pain. How...