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Gordon Arnold

Gordon Arnold
Gordon Dakota Arnold is a graduate of Regent University, where he studied government. He currently lives and works at the Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C.
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The New Atlantis is at once a fable, a work of political philosophy, and a religious text. The god that it preaches on behalf of is the humanistic god of the Enlightenment— with reason, knowledge, science, and progress as its sacred values...

Jonathan Edwards helped to invent a new America, committed to a national covenant and an unprecedented spiritual egalitarianism... In 1930, the historian Henry Bamford Parkes critically assessed the legacy of America’s most famous Puritan intellectual, Jonathan Edwards....
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Augustine recognized that the flaws of human nature precluded perfection on earth, and he concluded that government cannot save souls by coercing virtuous conduct... Since Augustine’s death in 430 A.D., the world has changed so much that...