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Dean Abbott

Dean Abbott
Dean Abbott is a writer living in the American Midwest. He is the author of many essays about cultural topics and personal virtue. His website is The Quieter Life.
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To know what I was like as a teenager in the eighties, you should know this: at a time when most boys’ heroes were sports figures, mine was an antisocial weirdo who had been dead for 125 years.
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The subtext of YouTuber Richard Vobes' journeys around England is that what is old, what has stood the test of time, deserves our veneration. In a throw-away culture when we are too distracted, too mesmerized by our technological gadgets to be able to engage in real wonder,...
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The consoling power of P.G. Wodehouse's work arises not so much from the humor as from the detail in which he renders his worlds. Had he merely been funny, the consolation, the reprieve from the troubles of mundane life, would have been lesser....
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The point of going to the bookstore is to experience its glorious inefficiency, its Romantic signaling of something transcendent, its countercultural cultivation of quietude and dignity... Our family lives in the kind of town most people only...