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Christine Norvell

Christine Norvell
Christine Norvell is a longtime educator living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has played cello since she was eleven and currently teaches literature and humanities at a classical Christian school.
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Francesco Petrarch and Laura de Sade likely never met or spoke, but Petrarch wrote hundreds of sonnets about her and to her... When we think of love sonnets, most of us think of the sappy ooze of lyricists or...
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John of Salisbury exemplifies a practice that we must champion to change our learning systems—to address the failings directly and to see that one educator can transform the world in which he teaches... John of Salisbury not...
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Hope permeates God’s creation, our natural world and the world of nature, as concrete images and as an enduring cycle, a complete and unrelenting season in itself... Hope is not a finite thing as Emily Dickinson well...