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Annie Holmquist

Annie Holmquist
Annie Holmquist is a research associate with Intellectual Takeout. She earned her B.A. in Biblical Studies from the University of Northwestern St. Paul and specializes in the historical aspects of America's educational structure.
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Handel's Messiah was originally intended for Passion Week, but by the 1960s had been almost completely transformed into a Christmas event. Why?... The other day, I heard an announcer on a local classical radio station gently...
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By nixing Latin instruction from our schools, have we knocked the feet out from under generations of students, leaving them to struggle through the fog of schooling and literacy on their own...? A little over...
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The Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, was asked to give a list of books he’s reading. As the Los Angeles Times notes, the fact that he couldn’t name the titles suggests that the question caught him...

The path to the adoption of the Constitution wasn’t smooth. A number of arguments and cautions against the Constitution were offered in the months preceding its adoption. Many of these arguments are chronicled in