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thucydidesThucydides’ account of the twenty-seven-year war between Athens and Sparta is filled with timeless questions about human conflict: When are aggression and vengeance justified? Can peace ever truly be secured by war? How does war affect the integrity of language and character? What is the role of chance in war? Is war ever truly inevitable? Additionally, the participants in the Peloponnesian War examined basic philosophical questions about the concepts of justice, goodness, expediency, wisdom, and self-interest.

The following film, The War That Never Ends, was originally broadcast in 1991 and dramatizes some of the crucial debates among the participants in the Peloponnesian War. It features first-rate actors like Ben Kingsley and depicts such famous figures as Thucydides, Pericles, Socrates, Alcibiades, and Nicias. In shedding light on the issues involved in this past conflict, this dramatic film helps shed the light on present issues of world politics and the eternal problems presented by war itself.

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We hope you will join us in The Imaginative Conservative community. The Imaginative Conservative is an on-line journal for those who seek the True, the Good and the Beautiful. We address culture, liberal learning, politics, political economy, literature, the arts and the American Republic in the tradition of Russell Kirk, T.S. Eliot, Edmund Burke, Irving Babbitt, Wilhelm Roepke, Robert Nisbet, Richard Weaver, M.E. Bradford, Eric Voegelin, Christopher Dawson, Paul Elmer More and other leaders of Imaginative Conservatism. Some conservatives may look at the state of Western culture and the American Republic and see a huge dark cloud which seems ready to unleash a storm that may well wash away what we most treasure of our inherited ways. Others focus on the silver lining which may be found in the next generation of traditional conservatives who have been inspired by Dr. Kirk and his like. We hope that The Imaginative Conservative answers T.S. Eliot’s call to “redeem the time, redeem the dream.” The Imaginative Conservative offers to our families, our communities, and the Republic, a conservatism of hope, grace, charity, gratitude and prayer.

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  1. Why do I get the feeling the armchair NeoCon Warriors will immediately decry this as “wimpy”, “un-American”, or possibly “socialist”?

    History and the Classics have a bad way of demolishing pretentious posturing from the Left or the Right (while supporting conservative principles.)

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