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Best of the Week

November 9 – November 15

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Tools: Work Done Right

by John Willson
Tools themselves, it must be said, are not the permanent things, nor are the trades that demand particular sets of tools. Tools are a means to an end that is both functional and moral. 


A Clockwork Obama
by Glen A. Sproviero    

President Obama seems unconcerned whether his grand designs, carefully packaged for a slogan driven media, comport with the essence of humanity.
The Sacramental Art of Flannery O’Connor
by Cicero Bruce

Susan Srigley has taken Flannery O’Connor seriously and listened attentively to her case against secular presumption. Srigley’s focus is right where O’Connor said it ought to be ”not on the dead bodies or grotesqueries, but on the working of God’s grace in the lives and souls of her characters.

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Published: Nov 16, 2013
W. Winston Elliott III
W. Winston Elliott III is President of The Free Enterprise Institute, Editor of Imaginative Conservative Books and Editor-in-Chief of The Imaginative Conservative. Mr. Elliott is Visiting Professor of Liberal Arts and Conservative Thought at Houston Baptist University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Washington College and a Masters of Business Administration, with Honors, from the University of Houston.
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