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Russell Kirk

Russell Kirk

Therefore a little knot of brave and conscientious men determined to save Germany and Europe by killing Hitler. They had been reared in the doctrine that all citizens must obey the inerrant state. In this exigency, however, they turned to doctrines of natural law for justification. Was there no remedy against an unnatural master of the state? In the teachings of natural law they discerned a fatal remedy. Fatal to them, at least; for nearly all of the heroic men involved in the several conspiracies against Hitler died frightful deaths. I knew well Dr. Ludwig Freund, a kindly professor of political science, one of the two survivors of the first plot to kill Hitler. By nature Professor Freund was a law-abiding gentleman. And being law-abiding, in defense of true law he was prepared to slay the chief of state, perverter of Germany’s laws and the laws of man’s nature.–Russell Kirk

This is from one of Russell Kirk’s last speeches in this life. He’s probably lecturing in Heaven right now; at least I would not be surprised to find him there doing just this. Heck, my dad is probably in the audience. Anyway, Kirk gave this talk in 1993. This is special. Really special. It’s a justification for assassinating Adolf Hitler. The man he mentions, Ludwig Freund, was a very close friend of Kirk’s and a practicing Jew. As you know, he failed to kill Hitler, and he barely made it out of Germany. He did much to aide Kirk in the 1950s, especially as Kirk founded his journal, Modern Age, to combat all ideologies, of the left and the right

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