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The Imaginative Conservative began the week with Jeffrey Hart’s essay Christopher Dawson and the History We Are Not Told. Greg Weiner discussed the problem of power in  Presidential Power and the War on Terror: Whence Congress? TIC then presented Christopher Dawson’s Religion and the Rise of Western Culture as the Book of the Day. With Love and Death in the Ashes, John Willson wrote about power, World War II, and the bombing of Dresden. Then C.R. Wiley explained that Saving Nature from the Hippies is still possible. Bradley Birzer showed us why Imaginative Conservatives should Read Christopher Dawson or Russell Kirk, Not Hoffman. We turned next to the work of C.S. Lewis and Daniel McInerny’s thought provoking essay Children’s Literature and the Spirited Element.

Darrin Moore illustrated just why President Obama is wrong in Clockwork Blues: Hubris, Humility & the Minimum Wage. Winston Elliott reviewed David Schindler’s book Ordering Love: Liberal Societies and the Memory of God. Next, Sean Busick addressed the need to think deeply and marvel at the literary style of Freeman’s Robert E. Lee. Stephen Masty wondered about what was going on Back at the Libertarian Clinic. Winston Elliott offered us the next Book of the Day: The Essential Russell Kirk. John Zmirak suggested A Response to Garry Wills on Pope Benedict’s Resignation. With the essay The Department of Defense Budget Challenge, Michael Bauman examined how to prudently choose our nation’s next Secretary of Defense.

Pat Buchanan analyzed what the Founders intended and the difference between The Old Republic and President Obama’s America. Robert Cheeks enjoyed a soon-to-be-classic book  as it displays and critiques non-traditional social structures  in Hannah Coulter & The Bourgeois Family.   The next Book of the Day was M.E. Bradford’s Founding Fathers: Brief Lives of the Framers of the United States Constitution. Gary Gregg analyzed musical and literary connections in The Platonic Imagery of Mumford & Sons. TIC finished out the week with a tribute by Stephen Klugewicz to our nation’s founding father, George Washington, in Our First Ex-President.

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