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wit and wisdomby Winston Elliott III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with Dennis Gallagher’s journey of historical imagination as he discovers Why I Am a Conservative. Next we enjoyed Wilfred McClay’s thoughts on the dangers facing our nation as we lose our ability to reconcile opposites in The Federal Idea. Robert Woods continued our look at making intellectual connections between faith and human reasoning in Humanism and Religion: Renewing Western Culture. Then Lee Trepanier used the life of Eric Voegelin to teach students about living the life of the true, the beautiful, and the good in Teaching in an Age of Ideology: Eric Voegelin. In Living Conservatism, Edward Ericson, Jr., examined what it is about conservatism that shows us how to live.

Stephen Masty gave us the wonderful history of the overnight sensation Monsignor Fulton Sheen and asked if he was A Patron Saint for the Idiot Box? Then we enjoyed a beautiful vision of heaven in I have always Imagined that Paradise will be a kind of Library. In Rhetoric and Ranting, Michael Jordan discussed the qualities of traditional oratory forms and the unfortunately disected and summarized method of modern speech. Bruce Frohnen examined the treatment of corporate criminal behavior and religious exemptions in federally required health insurance in A Tale of Two Companies: HSBC, Hobby Lobby & Religious Freedom. Next we turned to Russell Kirk and his examination of modern civilizations in Three Great Bodies of Principle and Conviction. Then we discovered that Mike Church and Even The English Knew The Constitution Made Secession Legal.

In The Conservative Mind After Forty Years: An Interview with Russell Kirk, William Mulligan, Jr. and David Schock discuss this conservative classic with the author. Ralph Ketcham’s essay delved into Madison’s insight and skills to show us What Madison Meant. In Remembering Barry Goldwater Bradley Birzer discussed both Buckley’s book and the the essence of Goldwater. Then Peter Blum examined what happens when a word’s meaning differs dramatically from common usage On Saving Relativity From Relativism. TIC concluded the week with John Willson’s understanding of why the Conservative Angst Continues.

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