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january 19

by Winston Elliott, III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with a commentary by Robert Woods on the moral imagination in A Guide to Reading Ghost Stories. Joseph Pearce described the pilgrimage of grace that composes the world of ‘The Hobbit’ and Virtue. Richard Jensen discussed the true function of education in The Right Schools: Ideological Debate on the History of Education. In Libertarianism and Anti-Libertarianism on Sunday Evening TV, Peter Lawler examined conservative values in Girls and Downton Abbey.

Next, Douglas Minson examined the idea that liberal democracy and Christianity are profoundly irreconcilable in the book review Ordered Liberty under God. We turned to Mark Malvasi for a discussion of the ideological source of racism in All’s Well That Ends Well?: Reflections on Liberalism and Race. Then, Winston Elliott asked if Ronald Reagan gave A Better Inauguration Speech? With Who’s in Charge, here? Gun Control, Health Care, and the Presumptions of Social Democracy, Bruce Frohnen took a look at the administration’s penalties for corporate crime and insurance coverage. 

In his eloquent essay, Beauty: A Necessity, Not a Luxury, Fr. Charles Klamut guided us in a greater appreication of the necessity of beauty to humane living. Then, Darrin Moore gave us President Obama’s Inaugural Address: Decoded and Heckled. We toured A Tale of Two Cités with Leo Linbeck III’s image of the two ideas of community and freedom as envisioned by Rousseau and Tocqueville. Next, Bradley Birzer asked if there really was a Mayflower Compact.

Lee Trepanier discussed the fundamental principles of teaching today in Teaching in an Age of Ideology: Ellis Sandoz. In The Essential Russell Kirk, George H. Nash examined what it takes to create a truly conservative mind. The mighty poetry of Stephen Masty inspired both smiles and self-reflection in the Reviewers of Books Out-of-Print. Stephen Presser’s essay presented the law and Antonin Scalia in A Candle in the Darkness. TIC‘s week concluded with an outside perspective of American political and spiritual life with Stephen Masty in An African Writes Home: America a Land of Unexpected Contradictions.

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