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January 12by Winston Elliott, III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with a trio of posts to celebrate the 1729 birth of someone who, in the words of Jeffrey Nelson, was Worth the Wait: Edmund Burke. We continued with Russell Kirk’s explanation of the importance of studying Burke with a cautionary note not to mistake abstract principles for political reality in The Living Edmund Burke. TIC concluded the day’s celebration by turning to Edmund Burke himself for commentary on each generations complaints about modernity in To Complain of the Age we Live In.

Next we looked at saving the beauty of the written word as Stephen Masty told us about the literary treasures that will exist in the Oxford Oratory in Chesterton’s Library Resurrected.Peter Lawler thoughtfully considered large and small scale applications of nature, empathy, and the pursuit of a common good in Love, Justice, and God. Bruce Frohnen wrestled with the problems of reasoning when academics ask if America is “Giving up” on the Constitution? John Pafford discussed the foundational attributes of our great nation in The American Cause: Justice, Order, and Freedom.

In Matchmaking and Imagined Sentiments: Jane Austen’s Emma, Mitchell Kalpakgian considers love in its naturally occurring state between similar types compared with the artificial sentiments that exists between opposites.Then, we turned to marriage of a different sort and Stephen Masty’s thoughts on government interference with the natural order in Britain’s Three Kingdoms: How Many Has America?Mike Church listed the reasons why If ANY State is a “Taker” State then the Union Under Constitution is at an End.Brad Birzer looked back on the life of a lesser known Christian humanist in Remembering an Eastern Orthodox Prophet: Nicholas Berdyaev.

With the Ten Conservative Books Revisited, Gerald J. Russello supplements Russell Kirk’s list of the ten greatest conservative books with a few of his own favorites. Philip Nielsen returned us to themes of beauty to be found when cathedral architects consider Depicting the Whole Christ: Hans Urs von Balthasar and Sacred Architecture.Is President Obama: The Worst Keynesian Ever? Brian Domitrovic spells out why he is in this concise analysis.TIC ended the week with an eye to the future of traditional conservative principles and party allegiance in George Carey‘s essay Conservatism: A Look Ahead.

Books related to the above essays and others filled with conservative wit and wisdom may be found in The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore.

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