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December 29by Winston Elliott, III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with a look at Plato’s commitment to rational discourse in Plato’s Apology and the Gorgias: Yearning for Political and Spiritual Regeneration, by Lee Cheek. We moved from the thought of Plato to the brilliance of J.R.R. Tolkien as Brad Birzer provided us with a Review of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. From there we followed Stratford Caldecott in the examination of reductionism in What is Reality?Ralph Ancil’s thoughtful essay Economy of the Tao: Wendell Berry’s View of Economic Health, provides an introduction to Berry’s economic vision.

TIC helped ring out the old year with Stephen Masty as he lifted a Toast the New Year as the Founders Did.In The Swords of Imagination: Russell Kirk’s Battle With Modernity, Gleaves Whitney discussed Russell Kirk’s vigorous fight on behalf of the Permanent Things.With our final post of 2012, we asked for your support as The Imaginative Conservative Wields the Sword of Imagination in Defense of the Permanent Things.

What better wayfor TIC to begin a new year than with the Rev. James Schall, S. J. and his philosophical study of The Universe We Know In.Russell Kirk challenges conservatives to engage the culture in May the Rising Generation Redeem the Time. Stephen Masty then took us on another wonderful flight of fanciful reason in America’s Gunless Revolution.Mordecai Roshwald presents an understanding of what we might learn from Socrates Today.

Next, C. R. Wiley was Stirred by Shakers: on the Elegant Errors of a Failed Sect as he hung his copy of the Tree of Life.Bruce Frohnen continued his look at the roles of family, church, local association in Local Politics: Small may not be Beautiful, but it’s what we’ve Got.Then Peter Lawler discussed Tocqueville’s view of American education and The State of American Liberal Education These Days. TIC concluded the week with Brad Birzer’s detailed look at liberalism, conservatism, and the moral imagination in More than ‘Irritable Mental Gestures’: Russell Kirk’s Challenge to Liberalism.

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