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by Winston Elliott III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week leading up to our celebration of the birth of Christ with Lee Trepanier’s thoughts on Teaching in an Age of Ideology. Next, Stephen Masty provided us a handy shopping list of Christmas Gifts for Leftists. We turned then to Roger Scruton’s thought provoking essay on language in How to Be a Non-Liberal, Anti-Socialist Conservative. C. R. Wiley’s reflections on chaos and order Homesick in the Cosmos examined the order of God. Bradley Birzer agreed and showed us that there is truly A Better Reality.

As Christmas approached, we read Russell Kirk’s reminder of the meaning of The Twelve Days of Christmas. With his essay Natalie Wood and Purity at Midnight Mass, Andrew Seeley considered the importance of purity and our daughters. This beautifully evocative poem by Stephen Masty placed us square in the middle of Notre Dame: A Gargoyle’s Prayer at Christmas.

The day we celebrated the birth of our Lord began with the beauty of language in A Christmas Carol Poem, by G. K. Chesterton. Bruce Frohnen shared a little of what he learned about Why “Celebrate” Christmas—and the Epiphany? This lovely Christmas poem by John Betjeman gave us all a reflective moment to appreciate the sublime of words and God. We moved to the poetry of John Donne who masterfully shaped language to breathe life into the image of the Nativity a Christmas Poem.

Next, James Person, Jr. reflected on Godly joy and The Legacy of C. S. Lewis. In The Necessity of Stories, Brad Birzer examined the importance the True, the Beautiful, and of story tellers. Mark Malvasi’s thought provoking essay concluded that we must regain our moral center in Barbarism and History. Stephen Masty went on to explain what we can learn from Thai monks, experiments on London cabbies, and a beautiful Russian-émigré scholar in Unlocking Your Conservative Imagination.

Next, Ian Crowe discussed Edmund Burke on Manners and the moral underpinnings that are necessary for the continuation of civilization. We then enjoyed John Willson’s fascinating look at the EdBOX: Classrooms and the Republic. To conclude the week, TIC asked that you Help Share a Conservatism of Imagination: Offered in a Spirit of Hopefulness & Generosity.

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