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december 8by W. Winston Elliott III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with a series of posts that consider the best Gifts for Imaginative Conservatives. We began with John Willson’s proactive idea to Be Traditional-Give a Gun for Christmas. Glenn Davis offered  truly beautiful ideas for the best of conservative reading in Truth and Beauty residing in Old WaysGerald Russello continued the theme of gifts with Brooklyn Speaks. Next Sean Busick offered a fashionable collection of conservative suggestions for Reading & Writing in Sartorial Elegance.

Read in that large wing chair by a cozy fire with Carl Olson‘s suggestions of Christmas books in The Joy of Reading.Barbara Elliott provided us with gifts of beauty for those hoping to make a fine impression with Imaginative Gifts for the entire Family.Lee Cheek continued our search for the perfect conservative reading in Renewing our Political Tradition.Or look for your favorite book at a fiscally prudent price in Winston Elliott‘s a Fantastic ISI Holiday Book Sale! Books for Imaginative Conservatives.Julie Robison offered us the reading for Imaginative Conservative children in I Want A Hippopotumus For Christmas.

TIC’s  regular contributor Peter Lawler made the connection between the moral virtues of teamwork and meritocracies in Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Romney Lost.Brad Birzer continued his look at the fundamental principles of man and conservatism in A Proper Anthropology: Some Cursory Thoughts.With A Traditional Conservative Program of Action: Perspective, Bruce Frohnen provides a renewed purpose and action through association.In the his essay, Lying: The Degradation of Language, Mark Malvasiconsidered the gravity of the results when a society ignores the true and real.

All Brad Birzer wants for Christmas is for everyone to continue Supporting The Imaginative Conservative. As soon as you are all kitted out with conservative gifts and considering a night on the town, give a careful reading to Stratford Caldecott’s essay The Knights of Middle-earth.With his usual verbal dexterity, Stephen Masty ponders the imagination and the problem of movies in Not Another ‘Elfing’ Elf!TIC concluded the week with Russell Kirk’s thought about personality and power in Russell Kirk on Malcolm X.

Books related to the above essays and others filled with conservative wit and wisdom may be found in The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore.

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