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The Imaginative Conservative began the week with the brilliance of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on the failings of human consciousness in Men Have Forgotten God. Stephen Masty treated us to his vivid depiction of an art filled with the richness of Man and God in Down Home American Zen. In Neither Greek Nor Jew, Neither Male Nor Female, Neither Left Nor Right, Brad Birzer discussed the fundamentals of conservatism. Robert Woods proudly announced the creation of a New fully Accredited Great Books Based Distance PhD Program.

The week continued with Joseph Sobran’s analysis of the Constitution and The Right to Secede. We turned next to Bruce Frohnen’s thoughts on the compelling question Should there be a Traditional Conservative Program of Action? Mike Church delved into Quest for Community, Robert Nisbet and the Rise of the Machines. With Reclaiming a Party, Brad Birzer examined dehumanization and division. Robert Woods then took a look at a bookish life for children of all ages in A Picture Book That Calls Us to Books and Living. In his essay, The Cult of Acquiescence and its Dangers, Bruce Frohnen examined tradition, relevance, and self-examination. Mark Skousen gave us a succinct view of genius, madness, stagnation, and the global economy in The Age of Keynes.Turning our focus to the joyous season ahead, we enjoyed John Betjeman’s poem, Advent 1955. Peter Blum’s poem Shipping Charge looks at friendship from a modern perspective. John Willson considered social conservatives and misdiagnosis in Charlie Brown Conservatives. Brad Birzer gave us his thought on What Remains.

Douglas Minson addressed the repeal of Prohibition in Celebrating Repeal Day: Prohibition, Legislating Morality, and the Joy of Drinking. Mark Malvasi focused on the problems of expansion of credit, mass consumption, and disillusionment in the Fable of American Prosperity. Then Barbara Elliott offered us her review of a new film in Anna Karenina: Aristocratic Life is All a Stage. The week concluded with Christmas observations by Peter Lawler in I Wonder as I Wander.

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