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The Imaginative Conservative began the week with Rod Dreher on the charge that “the Republican Party has abandoned half of its intellectual ammunition” in The Rout Of Traditionalist Conservatism. We turned to Peter Strzelecki Rieth’s discussion of the tragedy of war in Ousting Tyrants: To What End? Eva Brann brought clarity to difficult concepts in The Roots of Modernity in Perversions of Christianity.

In A Forward-Thinking Conservatism, Gerald Russello offered a conservatism of imagination for our future. Next Roger Scruton addressed why Conservatism Means Conservation. Brian Domitrovic explained President Obama Doesn’t Even Believe His Own Economic Hype. In A Marriage of Personal Convenience: The Unity of Economic and Social Conservatism, Bruce Frohnen considered the divide between economic and social conservatives.

Thomas Kidd talked about the religious roots of Thanksgiving in Not All Turkey and Touchdowns. In To See A World, Julie Robison discussed the gratitude and giving. Next, Stephen Masty gave us a witty tribute to Thanksgiving with his poem Second Thoughts at the First Thanksgiving. Darrin Moore continued our conversation about gratitude to God with his look at G. K. Chesterton in A Chestertonian Thanksgiving.

In Thanksgiving, the Puritans, and St. Augustine, Peter Lawler suggests that the Christian conscience gathers strength from a liberal education. Stephen Masty gave us a second helping of food for thought in the poem A Wild Turkey’s Thanksgiving. Stephen Klugewicz discussed charity and redemption in Planes, Trains and Automobiles . . . and Redemption. We ended our week of giving thanks with the wisdom of Russell Kirk as he considered What Are American Traditions?

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