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November 3

by W. Winston Elliott III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with Pat Buchanan wondering In 2012, Who Is for Hope and Change? Russell Kirk then provided us with tales of spiritual and social isolation in We are Made for Cooperation. Next, Bradley J. Birzer shared a wonderful “lost” speech by Barry Goldwater in A Choice Not An Echo.

Peter Lawler took on the persona of Caesar to consider a variety of possibilities in Predicting the Meaning of the Election and the Electoral College. Following that was Julie Robison’s call for the need for an enduring moral order, character, principle, and tradition in Iron Ladies. Darrin Moore discussed the heart and soul of conservatism in The Party of Burke and Thoughts on the Present Discontents. John Barnes displayed an excellent peak into the European Parliament with a speech from Daniel Hannan in With The Line from Runnymede to Philadelphia.

The day before the Presidential election on November 6, 2012, TIC offered a number of excellent essays including Today’s Loser: The Promise of Barack Obama, by Gary Gregg. In a beautifully eloquent essay, Barbara Elliot answers the question How do we Vote for the People who “Really Care”? Winston Elliott III continued the theme of voting as he discussed applying conservative principles to the selection of a President in Voting: A Matter of Prudential Judgment.

Politics continued with Steve Klugewicz thoughts on political principles in his essay On Election 2012. John Barnes offered a dissenting opinion on the idea of compromise in Principles, Pragmatism, and Voting for President in 2012. Next, Will Durant reminded us of the causes of The Fall of Rome. Bruce Frohnen followed with his reflections on empty promises and How Little we have Lost.

In The Coming Age of Austerity, Pat Buchanan considered the practice of unchecked spending and what it means for our nation. We concluded the week with the always brilliant Brad Birzer and Making Modernity Human: Can Christian humanism redeem an age of ideology?

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