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october 6

by W. Winston Elliott III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with Bradley Green’s look at the state of American governance and his hope for its resurrection through Political Patience and Christian Hope. The Architect (Matrix Reloaded) provided us with a few more words on Hope: Strength or Weakness?. Then we immersed ourselves in the brilliant prose of George Orwell as he celebrated spiritual hope and rebirth through an understanding of the cycle of nature in Some Thoughts on the Common Toad. Robert C. Koons shifted us away from the hope and light of a spring day to the Dark Satanic Mills of Mis-Education: Some Proposals for Reform.

In The Desires of Man, Rev. James Schall examines man’s desire to learn, virtue, and the power to rule ones self. Stephen Masty took us on a creative flight of fancy with his ode to America’s desire to rule the world – and the cost of success – in Mission Impossible. Robert Woods showed us how Educating Citizens with Kirk, Kass, and Guinness is critical if we want to save of our democratic republic. In Roepke and the Restoration of Property, Ralph Ancil analyzed Wilhelm Roepke’s call for a free and humane market through property ownership.
Pat Buchanan shared his thoughts on the change of direction in this year’s presidential election in Folks, We Have a Brand New Ballgame. In Christopher Dawson and the Humility of the Liberal Arts, Bradley Birzer explained Dawson’s thinking about the root cause of the ideological, political, and cultural crises of the western world. Gary Scott Smith then provided us with an interesting look at Gregg Frazer’s book on the religion of our Founders in Founders in Founders’ Faith: None of the Above.
In The Modern Cycle Of Economic Boom And Bust, Brian Domitrovic gives us a succinct overview of the history of economic peaks and valleys. In Conservatism and the Life of the Spirit, George Panichas eloquently expresses concern about “sham conservatives” and our nation’s crisis of materialistic tendencies in the modern age. Our readings for the week ended with Carl Olson’s interview of Chilton Williamson, Jr. who argues that America faces a dim future as it moves away from the moral grounding of a Christian society in Has Democracy Died?

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