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october 13

by Winston Elliott, III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with the poetry of Daniel James Sundahl in Lachrimae Gementes. Next, Joseph Pearce discussed the meanings of equality and liberty that spring from one of the truths of Christendom with his essay In Faith and Freedom: Why Liberty Requires Christianity. Bruce Frohnen focused our attention to Tocqueville to help us understand self-interest, the free market, and society in Compassion & Self-Interest in a Humane Economy.

We moved to Leo Linbeck III’s excellent analysis of the discussion of Why Congress Doesn’t Work: Undermining Self-government.  Brian Domitrovic wrote about how the United States is participating in dangerous worldwide currency gamesmanship in Obama’s Currency War. We moved from the world of political analysis to constitutional analysis in Edward Whelan’s excellent essay on original-meaning jurisprudence, Scalia the Originalist.

Bradley J. Birzer returned us to our roots and the meaning of the word “virtue” in his thought provoking essay Virtue and the West. In The Irreconcilable Conflict, Patrick J. Buchanan brings perspective to the idea of separation between church and state in both Muslim and Christian nations. Brian Domitrovic then offered his analysis of Reagan vs. Obama and concludes that When It Comes To Job Creation, Obama Doesn’t Hold A Candle To Reagan. Claes Ryn gave us much to consider in his brilliant analysis of culture and Irving Babbit’s book Democracy and Leadership: An American Classic.

The witty Stephen Masty returned to bring us a dose of laughter mixed liberally with ideas in this scene At the Libertarian Clinic. In this thought provoking essay Peter Blum discusses his Coming Out in political thought. Our week concluded with Jeremy Black’s book review which brought a much needed clarity to the concepts of American policy and the pursuit of moral ends in A Potent Imperium: American Empire.

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