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september 22

by W. Winston Elliott III

The Imaginative Conservative began the week with Helen Rittelmeyer’s essay Relativists an Endangered Species?, wherein we gained a measure of hope that relativism is not necessarily transmitted from professor to student. Next we shared Pat Buchanan’s examination as to why there were No Apologies Needed, Mitt. Bradley Thompson gave us a look inside his new book, Neoconservatism: An Obituary for an Idea, as he explained why neoconservatism is a “unique species of anti-Americanism.”

In The Declaration as the Constitution, Kevin R. Gutzman made an excellent argument as to why Harry Jaff’s book Original Intent and the Framers of the Constitution is wrong in its assumptions about original intent, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. We turned once more to Russell Kirk as he eloquently expressed his concern that civilization is at great peril while wondering if there could be such thing as a Civilization without Religion? Bruce Frohnen went on to explain how a crisis of reason and morals led to America’s internal decay in Lawless America: What Happened to the Rule of Law.With a meaningful yet lighter tone Brad Birzer discussed the cultural influence and importance of the music from one of his favorite progressive rock bands in I Would Live It All Again: Rush in Concert, 2012. Then in Is It Time to Come Home? Pat Buchanan broke down the costs and benefits of our continued involvement in the Middle and Near East. In a classic essay by Robert Nisbet he reminisced about his developing conservatism, the continued fight for smaller government, and how he is Still Questing for Community.

Gleaves Whitney used a marvelous quote from James Madison to help us understand the most important underlying concern for the current election in Take Alarm! An elegant quote by T.S. Eliot focused on the importance of choosing well what one does, says, and contemplates in One Man’s Life. Continuing in a contemplative vein, Robert Woods examined Christianity, education, philosophy, and the search for the truth in this essay Clement of Alexandria: The Virtue of Liberal Learning.

Strauss wrote quite a few operas that send the heart and soul soaring. We are proud that contributor Steve Masty selected TIC as the stage upon which to debut a Strauss discovery of enormous importance in A NeoCon Night at the Opera. Brian Domitrovic then explained why Obama Has Had Plenty of Time, But Gave Us -0.3% Growth Instead. Brad Birzer left us with a sobering discussion on the fragility of a republic and why, although it is the touchstone by which we govern ourselves, The Constitution is Not Sacred.

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