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Congratulations to our friend and The Imaginative Conservative Senior Editor, Dr. Bradley Birzer on his book, American Cicero (which was featured in the The Weekly Standard). While many professors have become more and more esoteric in their writing, and the audience they appeal to, Dr. Birzer continues to produce high-quality work that does not veer off into the nuances of some fill-in-the blank studies program; instead, he illuminates the sacrificial life of an all too often forgotten founder.

American Cicero draws you in and places you into the life and time of a truly great man. Dr. Birzer invites you to live as Charles Carroll of Carrollton for several hours as you can almost smell the gun powder as men prepare to defend their property, see the manicured Maryland lawn of Irish royalty, and sense the righteous restoration of natural law and British common law at the Declaration’s signing. Readers will find that this book’s narrative style and literary prose makes it a rare gem that every citizen interested in the Founding should read.

As Patrick Walsh writes in The Weekly Standard, “American Cicero is an excellent short biography, focusing mostly on Carroll’s ‘liberal and religious education.” This book will awaken the hearts and minds of scholars, teachers, leaders, and ordinary citizens as it reminds them that education is essential to preserving American liberty. May this book be a call to all imaginative conservatives to roll up our sleeves, face the desolate society and nurture the minds and hearts of Americans, both young and old.

Walsh also highlights Carroll’s understanding of freedom, which is “more than the license to do what we want.” While many free market conservatives, libertarians, talk radio hosts, and republican candidates talk about cutting taxes and decentralizing government, Carroll exemplifies what it means to be a true conservative—one who not only lives in an ordered community, but who understands his duties to his family, his community, and his nation, and ultimately sacrifices his fortune and success for the preservation of the new American Republic.

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